An honorable grey Wolpen from the Ebonshire. (DECEASED)


Coileach, Dirk, Deandra, Bedros, The Temple of Fidelity, The Ebonshire, Faust, camping, of-road traveling, ale, most Wolpen, adventure, Arcon.

Hydras, basilisks, most orcs, guards, bandits, Wharton, boredom, the miasma.

Hates with a burning passion:
Dogs, or anyone who calls him a dog.

The Endbringer.

Young Edon left the Ebonshire to see the world and search for adventure. Through his travels he came upon the town of Billet, where he stayed for a while. After Billet was decimated by the Endbringer, he set out with his new found friends to warn Taram of this monster’s coming. In Glenheart, he met Dafyn Rubright, a fellow Wolpen whom he finds himself infatuated with. But she broke his heart, and the once peppy and optimistic Edon has become a bit hardened and depressed. He has learned a hard lesson of the world he lives in, and while he is down, more pressing matters give him focus. He is more determined now then ever before to destroy the evil ever-spreading. He will succeed, and return home to the Ebonshire a hero! Nothing but death will stop him.

-And now it has.


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